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Space Universe Phone Accessories: Is your phone getting scratched or nicked often? A phone with marks and scrapes on it doesn’t look good at all! Even if you are carrying the latest smartphone, ugly scratches will totally spoil its appearance and ruin the overall effect. That is why you need phone accessories such as covers. Since space-themed designs are now the “in thing”, these cool and alluring phone covers depicting the universe and its various elements are a hit! For instance, check out the Blue Nebula phone cover. Who knew the Nebula could be depicted in such a fascinating manner? It is a wondrous thing to behold, and you can now catch a glimpse of it every day right in front of you. Other covers with planets and stars are also available. The astronaut phone holder is a popular item as it looks really cute and is immensely useful at the same time. Ready to do some shopping?

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