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Are we alone?

Scientists think that we are rather not alone in the universe considering the really big number of stars and planets inhabiting the wide emptiness of the universe.What do you think?
Who we really are?
Every single molecule of matter (excepting Hydrogen and Lithium) was forged in the furness inside of a star.....
Just how big is our home,The Universe?
Our small world is located in an average 100,000 lightyears wide galaxy,one of the hundred billion galaxies estimated so far...

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The Universe At Your FingerTip

As a passionate Space lovers we welcome you to our store and we hope that our common enthusiasm will help you to have skyrocketing shopping experience and that you will come back to visit us again.As we all know that mankind is looking for the sky since our early civilisations in order to find answers for the meaning of the universe and therefore for the meaning of our lives, we share that curiosity and we thought we should share it with our customers as well.We do not know the answers for the questions that the universe is keeping secret from us but we are getting closer with the advance of our technologies and the growing curiosity of mankind.Our team is not a scientific research team but our passion for the universe with its tremendous beauty and hidden secrets makes us thirsty for new discoveries.This discoveries come from an early ancient time followed by the great breakthroughs of Galileo and then after into the modern science that gives us a gradually understanding of this secrets.So we need to thank for all our scientific community from the past and from the present and therefore from the future for there hard work and ingenuity to uncover this hidden and stunning world of the universe.We hope that our store can really satisfy your space curiosity trough our products.

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